Way of Words Meets Art In the Open !!! Rain AND Shine! May 18-20, 2018 on the Schuylkill River Trail by Andrew Christman


We are very grateful for the oppotunity AIO gave us to do our thing outside at the foot of the Art Museum, overlooking the Schuylkill River. It seemed very appropriate to be by the river in the wet elements after all of the flowing fish we encountered at the Schuylkill Center a few weeks back! 

Even though it rained steadily on Friday and Saturday, we set up a tent and essentially did what we do best; spontaneously create words, art and sounds. veronica wrote several new poems, Morris and I got some practice in and also serenaded the other artists working nearby. Check out this sample of Veronica reading while we play...

On the end of the recording above you will hear some folks ask us to play at theiir wedding... here is a pick

On the end of the recording above you will hear some folks ask us to play at theiir wedding... here is a pick

Way of Words Meets Nature Palooza at the Schuylkill Center!!! by Andrew Christman

Way of Words had an Celebrated Earth Day at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education with the creation of a fun and wild community poetry book! This thing is  busting at the seams with river and wildlife imagery and words. Early in the morning, we noticed a lot of references to coffee and waking up. As the day progressed folks of all ages created a book that truly looked (and sounded like) a bubbling, abundant eco system.

We read the entire poem as part of the closing ceremony to applause and laughter!

Here's a view of the book early in the day.

Here's a view of the book early in the day.

A special thanks to all who created this one of a kind community artifact!


Bending (A Community Poem) by Andrew Christman

The bending not the breaking,

The giving and the taking .....

When will it ever be enough my heart I’ve forsaken Strong roots prevail to the twists and turns My base walks strong through the tangles of uncertainty.

Voracious arms spindle down... You are still splintered, not glossened. You will soon be polished, and swept away..

By a love so strong n real

Not wind, not rain, neither joy nor pain,,can change these skies from gray

Twisted by the storm, Bent by fierce wind among My own branches, and yet... Leafless branches bearing hopes of spring to come

This is a community poem written as a stream of posts on this sight in response to the photograph above during the week of January 2 2018

Contributors include:

Way of Words, Jenn Keyes , Jim Sharp, Robert Platt Jennifer Goldsmith, Ivonne Barreto, Robb Thomas, Bruce Walters , Jerry Franklin

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.07.14 PM.png

Malelani Mix #1 by Andrew Christman

Dark Moments sleep with ease – wind

at night smiling memories

Glimpses calling

we can taste what belongs to the day

Heavy haunts, sober cult mother,

pieces on the ground saved.


Maps on the top began

wanting old clothes

wanting stones

Pine heart

taste geranium

Stood South - Flowers


One pink blossom

Flashing pines

Light remembers sorrow-

My sorrow

The heart yearns for

what (the) body never forgets

ritual remembers

Skylight prose

Look up


Watching a child

roll on sweet front steps

Eyes – Germantown


a woman- friends – dances

This cat glances


Love gives the perfect temperature – hot

Two boys aloft streetlight calling shadows

Summer green

Woman decorated in a daze

The day forgets when nature’s change is the will

Edges transformed

Which will never object

The making of the

loveliest creatures


A man


Now two boys

Aloft in the sky



Humming, flashing scent

Opened purple mint

Play in the grass


Eyes aloft

Eyes the more delicious

Singing off to sleep

Hiding in gardens – Wayne Ave.

Body on black dresses

She’s with the transformed pine


A community poem completed at the Malelani Café, June 2017


Subway Observations by Andrew Christman

Bicycle pattern

hand upon face

heals, beads, small feet.


Circus colors

(magenta and orange)

wig-hat smile

behind a newspaper.


Sharp grey suit

beautiful girl

watching over his shoulder

arms crossed

movement towards the door

another step.



Change places.


Tapping foot

Drinking coffee

Reading books

Reaching for bags


Plastic Patterns



leaving in a line.


Stepping on,


while bags rustle.


Andrew Christman


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.49.19 PM.png

Spring Moments by Andrew Christman

Green emerges in shades and waves

across the hill

Ferns and leaves curling to

each other,

And reaching for each small violet.

The call of spring,

green, growing, opening, breathing

the place of hope and sound—

water rushing over stones,

gentle murmur over creek bed.

The scent of damp, green, brown,

growing, merging—

senses opening—

Eyes close, skin feels,

The moist, trembling moment.


Veronica O. Bowlan

Memories Are Maps Too by Andrew Christman

Memories Are Maps Too

The body remembers what the mind forgets

What if it was the scent in the air?

Temperature dampness pine flowers mint

Sound of wind or rustling in grass on leaves

Wings beating and the irregular sound of your breath

Close your eyes; colors are there purple with edges of red

Light changing

Then open with sideways glances

Glimpses of where we have been and where we can go

In the body calling us, then taking us on the trip we are wanting


By Veronica Bowlan

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