Malelani Mix #1 / by Andrew Christman

Dark Moments sleep with ease – wind

at night smiling memories

Glimpses calling

we can taste what belongs to the day

Heavy haunts, sober cult mother,

pieces on the ground saved.


Maps on the top began

wanting old clothes

wanting stones

Pine heart

taste geranium

Stood South - Flowers


One pink blossom

Flashing pines

Light remembers sorrow-

My sorrow

The heart yearns for

what (the) body never forgets

ritual remembers

Skylight prose

Look up


Watching a child

roll on sweet front steps

Eyes – Germantown


a woman- friends – dances

This cat glances


Love gives the perfect temperature – hot

Two boys aloft streetlight calling shadows

Summer green

Woman decorated in a daze

The day forgets when nature’s change is the will

Edges transformed

Which will never object

The making of the

loveliest creatures


A man


Now two boys

Aloft in the sky



Humming, flashing scent

Opened purple mint

Play in the grass


Eyes aloft

Eyes the more delicious

Singing off to sleep

Hiding in gardens – Wayne Ave.

Body on black dresses

She’s with the transformed pine


A community poem completed at the Malelani Café, June 2017