Bending (A Community Poem) / by Andrew Christman

The bending not the breaking,

The giving and the taking .....

When will it ever be enough my heart I’ve forsaken Strong roots prevail to the twists and turns My base walks strong through the tangles of uncertainty.

Voracious arms spindle down... You are still splintered, not glossened. You will soon be polished, and swept away..

By a love so strong n real

Not wind, not rain, neither joy nor pain,,can change these skies from gray

Twisted by the storm, Bent by fierce wind among My own branches, and yet... Leafless branches bearing hopes of spring to come

This is a community poem written as a stream of posts on this sight in response to the photograph above during the week of January 2 2018

Contributors include:

Way of Words, Jenn Keyes , Jim Sharp, Robert Platt Jennifer Goldsmith, Ivonne Barreto, Robb Thomas, Bruce Walters , Jerry Franklin

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